28 February, 2012

Just Thought I Would Like To Share This...

It's been a while since I've last posted on this blog. The truth is, I have been quite busy with my own involvement in Church activities, work, as well as wedding preparations. However, I would like to just take this time to share with all of you something that I recently read.

Contemporary Christian Music. I am sure you have heard this term before. I'm not sure what are your views on this, but I recently came across this PDF on the internet that talks about how most Contemporary Christian Music (the ones that you hear on mainstream radio) is not glorifying to God at all.

I read the contents in the PDF, and I have to say that I agree with it (This is also part of the reason why I do not cover ALL songs over Youtube that people have asked me to do covers of). If you have the time, why not read it too and let me know what you think. It's 325 slides long, so it might take you some time.

My conclusion: Christian songs should glorify God, not man.

Read the article/PDF here:


sunsetstormx said...

I am in the process of reading this now. I have to say it is convicting and stirring. Very challenging and disturbing to hear of these groups. All I want to do is glorify God in my guitar playing and lift His name. Thank you for the boldness and obedience to share this message.

Anonymous said...

hmmm very unsure about the nature of the points in the powerpoint. always two sides to the story.

not sure if i agree with the black and white statement. there always has to be greys. e.g. is anger right or wrong? black or white? it is a grey because though in our anger we are told not to sin (Eph4:26), there is also such a thing as righteous anger.

Also with the CCM artists I don't think we're here to be their moral police. I think of course they have to adhere to standards but of course people in CCM makes mistakes like the rest of us.

Also I think its unfair to blanket the whole of CCM with such accusations.

I think the writer may also need a more indepth analysis of what art (assuming CCM music is art) actually is... There's a good argument to say that art isn't just a message to shove in someone's face (of course it is important to show Christ's love in our art) but art exists as an expression of emotion (and other) that may be bad or good.

But anyways (I'm sure they have a lot of good points in there) I just warn readers to have the other side of the argument in mind as there's always another side.

seems a bit like a CCM bagout to me?