22 September, 2009

HOW TO change chords fast (Part 2)

As promised, here's the 2nd part to my first post on HOW TO change chords fast (Part 1).

Within this post, I will be sharing with you certain shortcuts that I use when I change from chords to chords. This is of course the chords that I commonly use, most of which are basic chords.

To make things easier, you will find that the diagrams I have come up with have red colourings on it. These red portions are the fingers which you can leave in its position when changing to the next chord.

Without further ado, let's go through certain chord changes.

G to C9

C9 to D

G to Em

Em to C

C to Am

C to F

These are just some examples on how I change from chord to chord. Of course, there are many more shortcuts that you could use. Of course, you can find them out for yourselves.

Remember, the aim is to be able to change quickly to the next chord. Finding such shortcuts will greatly help. All the best to your journey in learning the guitar!


Anonymous said...

thank you =]

Speedfi said...

I want to know how to switch G chords to D chords easier and faster...

daniel said...

Hi Speedfi,

you can switch from G chord to D chord by leaving your ring finger on the 3rd fret 2nd string.

Then move your middle finger to the 2nd fret 1st string, and your index finger to the 2nd fret 3rd string.

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