23 August, 2011

List of Major and Minor 7 Chords

In this post, I will write down the common ways of playing major and minor 7 chords. This page can be used as a library to go to, in case you forget how to play any major and minor 7 chords.

Major 7 Chords

Amaj7 - x02120 / 576655
A#maj7 or Bbmaj7 - x13231 / 687766
Bmaj7 - x24342
Cmaj7 - x32000 / x35453
C#maj7 or Dbmaj7 - x46564
Dmaj7 - xx0222 / x57675
D#maj7 or Ebmaj7 - x68786
Emaj7 - 021100 / 079897
Fmaj7 - 132211
F#maj7 or Gbmaj7 - 243322
Gmaj7- 3x0032 / 354433

Minor 7 Chords
Am7 - x02010 / 577555
A#m7 or Bbm7 - x13121
Bm7 - x24232 / 797777
Cm7 - x35343
C#m7 or Dbm7 - x46454
Dm7 - xx0211 / x57567
D#m7 or Ebm7 - x68676
Em7 - 020000 / 022030 / 079787
Fm7 - 131111
F#m7 or Gbm7 - 242222
Gm7 - 353333


lizhen said...

Hi Daniel!
I am learning how to play the major and minor chords and I came across this article and another article titled "List of Major and Minor Chords".

Can I know what is the difference between these 2 articles ( cos I saw that the strings are played on different frets for some chords), and which one am I recommended to learn first if I am a total beginner?

daniel said...

Hi Lizhen,

I came up with these 2 posts so that people could come and look at how to play the chords if they need to.

The difference is that one post is on major and minor chords, the other is on major 7s and minor 7s chords.

I would suggest to concentrate on the major and minor chords. Think of the 7s more as adding flavour to your music. So, learn the major and minor chords first.

Hope it helps!