05 September, 2011

List of Split Chords / Slash Chords

In this post, I will write down the various split chords that I have been using over the years. This page can be used as a library to go to, in case you want to find out about certain split chords.

Remember, when you read the split / slash chords, the note on the left is the root note and the note on the right is the bass note.

This list is not exhaustive and I will probably be updating it as and when I learn more split / slash chords.

Split Chords

A/F# - 2x2200
A/C# - x42200
A7/Bb - x12020
Am/F# - 2x2210

B/Eb - x64400
B/G# - 4x4400

C/B - x20010
C/E - 032010

D/B - x20230
D/F# - 2x0230
D/G - 3x0230
D7/F# - 2x0213

E/G# - 422400

G/B - x20033

1 comment:

Tom Harris said...

Good list, I would probably add the split chords from this site (http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_chords_common.php?ch=E%2FB&get=Get)

Aside from that, any ideas where I could get a full library of split chords?? It's driving me mental that there either isn't a big list, or some chords are the same, but I don't have the musical know how to tell the difference.