22 March, 2010

Different Plucking Patterns

I received a question asking about various plucking patterns that can be used for songs. Personally, I do not pluck much on the guitar. However, I did find some videos which I thought could be quite useful. So, here are some videos of various plucking patterns that you can use on the guitar.

(I personally use Pattern 1 most often whenever I pluck songs)

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

Pattern 5


Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING! Just what I was looking for!! THANKS!

marc ezcelle said...

awesome tutorials :) help me alot, im a begginer in guitar, hope u help me, add me in fb eternalbreath15@yahoo.com

Chachmin said...

Just the right thing!
Tonight I returned home and all of sudden it came to my mind: "Hey, why not learn some plucking?" Always with pick in my hand, I wanted to learn some finger techniques, and, in an hour or two - thanks to these tutorials and written descriptions - I began to get these wonderful patterns out of my guitar. It was a revelation to me. It made my day! Thanks, man!