11 July, 2011

HOW TO... Read Chords

This post is sort of an add-on to one of my previous posts entitled "HOW TO...Read Guitar Tabs". In particular, I will post about how to read the kind of chords that looks like this - xx0232.

So, how do you read xx0232? Well I will write it down step by step.

1. The 6 numbers (for this case, "x" is also a number) represents the 6 strings on the guitar.
2. The left number represents the 6th string (lowest sounding string) and the right number represents the 1st string (highest sounding string).
3. The numbers represents the fret which you are supposed to press.
4. "x" means you do not play that string

So, based on the above description, this is how you read xx0232. In words, it means:

Don't strum the 6th and 5th string. Put your fingers on the 3rd string 2nd fret, 2nd string 3rd fret and 1st string 2nd fret. Then, strum it from the 4th string down. You will realise that this is actually a D chord.

So, to practice if you have fully understood this explanation, you could try writing these chords out (highlight to see the answers) :

A - x02220
C - x32010
E - 022100

Hope you passed the practice!

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