19 December, 2008

HOW TO... Restring An Acoustic Guitar

A basic skill that one needs to know when playing the guitar is to be able to restring it. For the acoustic guitar, there are basically 2 kinds of bridge portions.

What you see above is an example of a common type of bridge portion an acoustic guitar can have. Notice the 6 black pegs. Of course they come in other colors too. For my guitar, they are white. For this kind of guitar, you will have to take out the pegs and place the new string in, and then put the peg back over it.

Your acoustic guitar could also have this kind of bridge portion. For this kind of guitar, it is easier to restring because all you have to do is insert the string through the bottom portion, and then pull it all the way to the tuning pegs.

The video below will show you a brief overview on how to restring an acoustic guitar.

Note: It is normal to feel scared or unsure if it is your first time attempting to restring a guitar. Of course, there is always the chance that the new string might actually burst. There are certain precautions that can be taken to reduce this risk. The first is to make sure when you tune up the guitar, know what key you are tuning it to. Avoid over-tuning it because this will cause your strings to have too much tension and hence snap. Another precaution you can take is to tune slowly when you are reaching the note. It is always good to turn the tuning knobs in a fluid motion and not to jerk it constantly. Lastly, you can also purchase a set of strings with a heavier gauge. The lighter the gauge (thinner strings), the easier it is to snap. However, heavier gauge strings are definitely more painful to the fingers when playing them.


lan said...

how do you know what type of string are good to play with or for your guitar? and also if i was to replace my metal strings with nylon strings would the guitar still have the same quality?

daniel said...

basically, if you use an acoustic guitar, use acoustic strings. If you use a classical guitar, use nylon strings etc.

the next question is what quality of strings do you prefer. For this, i suggest you try out different brands and find which ones you like the most. I use D'Addario strings

Alvin said...

Hi, there's quite a few type of strings available for acoustic guitar eg ascoustic bronze, steel and silk. How do I know what is suitable for a small group setting?

daniel said...

hi Alvin, personally, I've never used the steel and silk strings before. For myself, i use the
D'Addario EXtended Play Phosphur Acoustic Guitar Strings because it basically lasts longer for me. In the end, it's really up to you. For myself, my hands get wet easily so I usually go for coated strings so extend the lifespan of my strings