22 July, 2010

My fingers are not strong enough

This question was asked a while back ago. Esentially, the asker was trying to look for a way to strengthen his fingers so that the chords that he plays will sound clearer.

Well, I do have a simple exercise that will help you to achieve just that. In particular, this finger exercise that you will watch in the video below will help you to:
  1. Strengthen your fingers - your chords will eventually become clearer and clearer. No more buzzing sounds due to weak fingers!

  2. Finger control - you will be able to find it easier to control each finger. Have you ever felt like your fingers sometimes won't move according to how you want them to? Eg. "I can't move the ring finger without my middle finger moving out of position" etc.

  3. Precision picking - With this exercise, you will be able to control your pick better to hit the desired string.

  4. Picking technique - The "down up" motion on your pick will help you to be able to pick faster than just doing a "down" motion alone.
Alright, now that I've explained the benefits of doing this finger exercise, let me show it to you (this is not my video but it would be similar to what I would have put up. I was just trying to make use of what is already up on Youtube instead of posting a new video on it):

There you go. Take a listen to it and practice hard.

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