11 February, 2009


Just thought I'd share a little something which a friend over youtube did for me. She actually wrote me a poem, and I think it's a really good one.

A Little Something From My Heart To You

A new beginning has come to start
A beginning of a beautiful friendship has had heart
Before any of us ever existed, our masters hands
Knew exactly who to make to be our friends
One might stand upon the highest mountaintop
To find this right person
Or one might sail the seas till they reach this right person
So many nights Ive engraved in my heart in knowing that
There is someone I can think of and pray and care about
At the same time, my thoughts drift across the day and I am
Confident that that same someone who I call friend and brother,
Is also thinking of me and praying for me
The same way that our Lord and savior has cared about you, so
Have I sought to follow in his foot steps and do the same anytime
You need a friend
What can I say? Its just a little something from my heart to you
I bent down to grasp the last seed beneath the earth, and as I perceived
You, I saw the light of God shining through you as a delightful light
Everything that surrounded me became indulgent with brightness and life
for so, you have inspired me and have put a smile on my face
I veered to my side and saw the hands of the potter molding you into the
Special person that you genuinely are
However, his work in you is not yet complete, but when it is, I know that
You will surpass into your true destiny, and develop into the image that
God intended for you
Its been five months already since Ive known you, yet sometimes it feels
As if its been longer
The same way our God has been there for each and every one of us, thats
How friends should react towards one another
When you would sleep in your bed at night, there he was guarding you and
Your surroundings as a keeper might watch you from his window
Whenever you cried all alone, as many times we make it seem that there is
Nobody around to see or hear us, there he was to cry along with you and
Feel your pain, and lift you right back up to your feet
The best part is, he still does this, and for everyone
Although you live thousands of miles away from me, right now at this very
Moment, I thank Jesus for you
For allowing us to be friends, even if were considered distant friends
I thank him for allowing us to be part of his same family
I thank him for what he will continue to do in the future with both of us
How marvelous is the heart that it can travel so far, even to the other side
Of the world
I pray that someday I may meet you face to face
Still, what can I say? Its just a little something from my heart to you


Though it may be long, I think much effort was put into this, and for that, I am grateful and honored :)

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